Friday, December 6, 2013

Polneti Piperki - Stuffed Peppers

-10 large peppers Babura
-500gr fresh pork or beef mince
-50gr of finely cut bacon cubes
-100gr onions
-4 pieces of garlic
-150gr rice
-salt and pepper chopped parsley

Oil fried chopped onions are added and fried meat when the meat will be ready to add the rice and spices along with salt and pepper parsley Vegeta and fry until done.

Then cleaned Babura peppers filled with rice mixture and garnish with meat or potatoes patligjan according to taste Place in baking dish and emptying with sauce made ​​as follows .

The oil fry two tablespoons flour mix then add red pepper then pour a bag of beef soup will be ready when the sauce Pour the peppers and bake for about an hour

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